Saturday, November 01, 2008


The truth is that many of these beliefs and attitudes that some people hold onto with much conviction are nothing but inaccurate in generalizations and excuses that keep them from living a truly a happy and wealthy life.
In order to truly align the mind to wealth creation, we must debunk these negative myths and really look at the facts. Here are some top myths that I have heard and collected, debunking these myths with facts that I Believe it is True.

Myth: Having a lot of money will change you into a bad person
Fact: Money is personality magnifier. It brings out true person within you. If you are selfish and nasty person by nature, having money will make you even more nasty and selfish. However, if you are kind, generous and loving person deep down inside, money will magnify your goodness.

Myth: Money will not buy happiness
Fact: True. However, not having money will not make you happier as well. Isn’t it better to be unhappy with money than unhappy without it?

Myth: Money isn’t everything
Fact: This is the top excuse given by poor people who are in denial. The truth is that everything is money, everything needs money. Without money, you cannot maximize other important values such as family, career, health, spirituality and relationships.

Myth: Money will make you less spiritual
Fact: Again, if you are by nature a spiritual person, having money will allow you to touch more lives and help you do more of god’s work. In fact, the wealthiest people in the world are extremely spiritual. Not having to worry about money anymore allows many of the rich to focus on more important things in life. Many truly wealthy people believe they don’t own their money. They are just custodians of God’s wealth.

Myth: Rich people are materialistic. They worship money.
Fact: It is the people who lack of money who worship it. Who works all day, year after year in a job which they hate, just for the money? Who is wishing they had more money? Who is constantly worrying about money? Who are those who constantly sacrifice their health and family to make more money? It is those who are wealthy or those who have no money? I rest my case.
In fact, the rich rarely work because of money. They work because of passion and sense of personal mission. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Lucas, Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs certainly don’t work for money…they don’t need to.

Myth: If I became wealthy, I will lose all of my friends.
Fact: Firstly, become Rich. And if you lose some of your friends, it only means that you have found out who your false friends are. When you become wealthy, you will make new friends, with a wealthy mindset!

Myth: There is not enough money for everyone to be rich.
Fact: When you become rich, you actually create more wealth for other people. Wealth multiplies into more wealth. You see, money is a measure of the exchange of value. When you make more money, it means you are creating more value and wealth in the world. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world because he has created the most value in people’s lives through the creation of Microsoft and Windows. Because of his invention, so many more millionaires have been created as a result. Think about it, if Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel did not exist, would you have been able to create as much wealth as you have today?

Myth: Having a lot of money will give me a lot of worries and problems.
Fact: The majority of the problems people faces in life (relationships, health & career) are the result of the LACK of vitamin ‘M’= Money.

Myth: Money is the ‘Root of all Evil’
Fact: The lack of money is the root of all evil. Why I say so, the number one cause of murder, cheating, stealing, robbing, lying is from poverty, is because the lack of money.

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