Monday, March 26, 2012

Modern and Cool Furniture by Esedra

Chair with chromed or lacquered metal frame, also available in steel. Furniture collection is very impressive, very good detail with a combination of transparent color. 
Esedra collection of indoor and outdoor furniture available. For the latest outdoor furniture with a very strong steel material, resistant to weather. Indoor furniture is made with smooth material, covered with leather seats.

The Impressive ‘Cirrata’ Lamps

The 'cirrata' lamp series by swedish designer Markus Johansson, inspired by the shape of sea creatures octopus. Design unique lamps made of wood that impressive. Johansson stated: unexpected experiences and surprises wait deep down on the ocean floor: a body with many arms which sweeps along  and lights up the depth.
Arrogant and presumptuous, there is no doubt about who is the ruler down here. a lonely but nevertheless unafraid character with forms born out of the resemblance to other inhabitants of the deep depths. sometimes still, sometimes alive, all depending on occasion and company. the character is 'cirrata', a glowing lamp in the darkness of the ocean.'

Beautiful Handmade Butterfly Glasses

This glass designs are made with real hand made by the designer of English. It is ordinary glass, there are objects in the middle of the glass. Object in it contains messages such as in a fairy tale, of which contains a bunch of butterflies with the words contained. This design is suitable for glass filled with wine, accompanied by beautiful objects that are in glass. Glasses with 3 choice of form, a wide but short, and wide lengthwise into strips.

Elegant Melting Mirror Chair

If you want to decorate your room with unusual furniture but still can be elegant, this is the right choice. A melting mirror chair by Philipp Aduatz is a chair which seems like a melting mirror. Even though this chair is shaped like a melting mirror, it is made from fiber glass shatterproof polymer with a special silver coating. This chair is also covered by a scratch of resistant polyurethane lacquer. Beside its unique appearance, this chair can also create a modern atmosphere in your room. 
Front View

Back View

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Uniquely ShapeShifting Lamps

Shapeshifting- it’s not just a plot device for Fringe and Manimal (remember that one?) anymore- it’s real.

These shaping changing lamps from Nistor and Nistor let you rearrange them in infinite ways. Each lamp has a series of 14 panels that can be rotated 360 degrees around a central axis to give the lamps a unique look whenever you feel like it. 

Also available in an approximately six foot tall floor lamp size.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

White Apartments is a Trend All Over The World

It’s known nowadays "Swedish apartments" white color apartments based on white walls, modern furniture, and lots of empty space is in the trend all over the world. Therefore, i've featured this apartment interior from a little Swedish town, Sweden.
Basically, the whole apartment is decorated in white: white walls, white furniture, white terrace and so on. Though, the contrast is ensured by modern accessories and pieces of furniture that are painted in dark colors. For example, in the kitchen, one chair is black, while the rest of the kitchen is white, and in the rest of the rooms, the contrast is being deepen by red pillows or even small black closets or shelves.

Also, this apartments has a direct view to the main street, street that is guarded by tall trees, therefore, the fresh air is ensured and the street sounds are strongly reduced.

Two-bedroom Penthouse in Hong Kong for Sell

Hong Kong is a beautiful place to live in. It has elegant houses and apartment, some of them with panoramic views. One of those residences is a two-bedroom penthouse that offers beautiful views of the Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbor. The penthouse has been renovated only a year ago, now featuring a stylish modern interior.

The living room is spacious and includes a home theater system. Moreover, on one of the walls there’s a giant light box which can be used to display any image at the owner's choice. All the furniture included in the price tag. This penthouse is available for the price of $1.7 million (HK$13.5 million) as in today's date.

Small Apartment Interior Design in Singapore

Just because an apartment in small this doesn’t mean you have to give up style and fun. Of course, you’ll have to take into consideration some limits but you can feel free to use your imagination and creativity to come up with an original interior design. Let’s take a look at this beautiful apartment in Singapore. It could be used as inspiration by all those who feel limited by the dimensions of their apartments.

DIY Photo Lamps That Preserves Memories And Light Up Your Home

Do you want to preserve some memories of your travels abroad in a cute way? If so, then these table-top lamps is a perfect solution for you. Of course you can also make similar lamps with great images from internet but they will turn out much better with your own taste. On the second picture you can find what you need to complete this project. Have fun!

Amazing DIY Lamp Of A Waste Bin

 Amazing lamp of a waste bin done with your own hands? Of course, it’s possible.

Wire Waste Basket
You’ll need a wire waste basket, scrapes of fabric of beautiful color and pattern, a “hemma” cord set from Ikea. You can do it very easily: snip out a space to feed the cord through.

Cut strips of fabric to weave and wrap around basket. Weave fabric strip through basket about every 6 inches.

“Hemma” Cord Set from Ikea
Gives of a pinky glow and some pretty shadows. That should scare away any monsters. I can’t imagine a simpler lamp to craft and a thing that would be easier to create.

Have fun!