Saturday, March 24, 2012

White Apartments is a Trend All Over The World

It’s known nowadays "Swedish apartments" white color apartments based on white walls, modern furniture, and lots of empty space is in the trend all over the world. Therefore, i've featured this apartment interior from a little Swedish town, Sweden.
Basically, the whole apartment is decorated in white: white walls, white furniture, white terrace and so on. Though, the contrast is ensured by modern accessories and pieces of furniture that are painted in dark colors. For example, in the kitchen, one chair is black, while the rest of the kitchen is white, and in the rest of the rooms, the contrast is being deepen by red pillows or even small black closets or shelves.

Also, this apartments has a direct view to the main street, street that is guarded by tall trees, therefore, the fresh air is ensured and the street sounds are strongly reduced.

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