Monday, October 13, 2008

Henry's Book Club - #001

I like to read books, expecially motivational type of books. My passion of books that leads me to form the "Henry's Book Club". With this Book Club i can share my preferance, knowledge and my thoughts & views about the specific book that i recomment.And for my 1st book feature in the Henry's Book Club is called "The Certain Way To Life's Riches" by Dr. Peter Yee with Alexandria Ng. Publications by Kanyin (Malaysia). I bought this book at the Popular Bookshop in Miri, Sarawak.

This book tells a story about him working in the employ of others, having no inheritance except for some education. And few years has past, his life has improved, but only after he decided to change his perception of what his ideal life ought to be. By reading this book you will believe that everyone can attain financial and personal success, it will reveal and show you the certain ways to achieve it. It's a Great book, will leads you to the balanced lifestyle and the right path of Life Riches.

Content taken from page 55;
Success is a habit of starting and completing a project. A failure has the habit of drifting through life without any purpose, not getting started or completing their projects. A failure habit can be transformed into a success habit by changing your pattern of thinking by starting one thing at a time and doing each one well.

I like this guy, he is my Great mentor. I enjoy reading it and i hope the same to you!

Check out Dr. Peter Yee website: (and get the free stuff in there)

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