Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kuching Cat Museum

The Kuching Cat Museum is located inside the bizzare-looking UFO-shaped DBKU building in North Kuching, Sarawak, east Malaysia (my home). Most people pass by this building on their way to Santubong without bothering to drop by. It's quite unfortunate, because cat lovers would find this place a very interesting tourist attraction. Besides, how could anyone not love pussies? ;)

The entrance to the cat museum is a gigantic fugly cat. To enter, you literally walk in through the cat's mouth. Inside the cat musuem, there are many different kinds of cat. There is also an exhibition of a cat's grave. A grave for a pet cat. Awww... That would have been a very sad and sombre affair. If it weren't for the description on the grave stone.

The pussy is called Dick!

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