Friday, February 20, 2009

The Power of Wealth Builders

In the classic best-selling book ‘Think & Grow Rich’, by Napoleon Hill found through intensive research that the five hundred richest men in the world all had one thing in common, they all belonged to strong support group of like-minded individuals where they received the knowledge, advice, resources, contacts and emotional support to succeed in their creation of massive wealth.

It has been proven time and again that behind every successful individual is a successful team. They are either made up of a team of friends, colleagues or business partners. It takes a great deal of knowledge, talent, resources, contacts and ideas to make a million dollars and it is difficult for a single individual acting alone to do it all within a short period of time. Having a Wealth Builder group allows you to leverage on the collective experience of other, leverage is the key to wealth. People are your greatest resource to wealth!

Exponential Creative Power Unleashed
Generate wealth creation ideas alone is a limited amount of knowledge, experience and inspiration you can tap on. When a team of people generates ideas, the creative & knowledge power increases exponentially. This is known as the power of Synergy. Five people working together will create the creative power of fifty minds! All the best ideas in the world were the result of combining great ideas form more than one person.

For example, let’s say you are a great cook, you love food and your wish to start a food business that could give you instant cash flow. You may be a specialist at cooking, but may lack the knowledge and resources in locating a retail space, knowing how to find the right suppliers, financial, hiring and training staff, marketing and the creation of a business process.

With the right group, your friends could provide you with the knowledge about area in which you have little experience in, and valuable contacts that would accelerate your business. You will get ideas, solutions and contacts that you would never have if you were to do it alone.

The Power of Contacts
Have you heard of the saying, ‘It is not just WHAT you know but WHO you know?’. How true this is. Having a powerful network of contact will get you the best employees, business partners, supplier and most important of all…customer! Alone, you probably only know about 300 people or less who you can give a call. In a group of eight individuals, your contact base becomes 2400 immediately! I can tell you personally that it is because of the right contacts, that I have had so many doors open to me every single time.

Fellowship & Support
Let’s face it, walking the path of Millionaire can be a narrow and lonely one. Most old friends and family members will think you’re crazy. You can get really inspired from books and all the goals you’ve set but if you keep mixing around with and talking to friends who waste their time with idle chit chat and spend their free time clubbing, then you are going to lose the success battle. On the other hand, if the people you mix around with constantly talk about the stock market, bounce ideas about new business opportunities and spend their time analyzing investments then trust me, you will stay on track to make your Millions. It is common saying that ‘friends make you or break you’. The people you spend time with will greatly influence your dominant beliefs, values, thoughts and aspirations.

With the right support group, you will have a strong group of friends who have the same mindset, goals and values as you do, providing you the continuous encouragement and fellowship you will need to reach your goals. Do whatever it takes to find a group of friends who share the same financial dreams as you and make it a commitment to support and push each other on.

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