Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today is the 42nd EARTH DAY

On April 22, 1970, Earth Day marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Now celebrated in about 180 countries world-wide every year. It is coordinated by the nonprofit Earth Day Network, and is now "the largest secular holid...ay in the world, celebrated by more than a half billion people every year." It is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.

"Go Green" your lifestyle and appreciate the beauty of nature. What we can do about it? a simple changes to your lifestyle will have a positive impact on the environment. Think green, show, teach & share it, starts at home.
Earth Day is the perfect time to think outside the box. What are the consequences of our choices? What products are better for the earth? What should we avoid?
Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Buy locally grown food. Take some time to visit local Farmers Markets
  2. Change at least one light bulb to a compact fluorescent. Those qualified to ENERGY STAR use about a quarter as much electricity as a conventional light bulb to produce the same amount of light.
  3. Take a walk on the wild side. Go for a day hike on a local nature trail and revel in the beauty and serenity you're trying to preserve for future generations.
  4. Turn off your computer when you're not using it. A home computer monitor and printer, it can use up to 200 watts of electricity. 
  5. Carry a cloth bag (eco-friendly) or keep one in your car. Avoid plastic bags. Most plastic bags wind up in landfill sites, where they can take up to a thousand years to biodegrade.
  6. Plant a tree, go greening your surroundings.
  7. Become a vegetarian, or just for today.
  8. Turn down the heat, the water heater, air-con or even better off the electricity if it's not in-use. The idea is energy savings.
  9. Stop open-fire, burn things that you don't like to see isn't a good idea. The carbon from the burning fire will damage the ozone layer.
  10. Stop smoking, burning a stick or two will damage lot more than just yourself.

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