Saturday, October 18, 2008

Future of Network Marketing Business

Just want to follow-up with my topic regarding Network Marketing Business (reffering on the 3rd oct'08 topic). I find this book about Network Marketing Business from one of the Robert Kiyosaki's Best Seller book called "The Business School" very Intresting, very True. And i would like to share it here.

Taken from the book page 59;

The Future Of Networking
Although the business has grown immensely, now is the time to get into the networking marketing business. Why do i say that?I say that becasue the world has finally awakened to the idea that the Industrial Age is over and we are officially entering the information Age. Big businesses such as General Electric and Ford Motor Company are Industrial Age businesses.
Franchises such as McDonalds are transition businesses, the transition between Industrial Age and the Information Age. Network marketing businesses are truly Information Age franchises simply because most network marketing businesses run almost solely on information, rather than land, factories and employees.

When I was a kid my parents always said, "Go to school, and get good grades, so you can get a secure high paying job with benefits." That is classic Industrial Age thinking. My parents truly believed in job security, a company pension and medical care as well as government Social Security and Medical security is a joke, and lifetime employment with one company in not a reality for most people. Then you add in retirement plans such as a 401k, filled with risky stocks and mutual funds, idea of retirement security is also a joke. Today people need new ideas and systems via which they can find the financial security our parents once had. One answer is network marketing. The more people wake up, and many are after the September 11th terrorist attack and recently the stock market crash, the more people will realize the network marketing is new answer for a world with less and less security. Network marketing give millions of people throughout the world the opportunity to take control of their lives and their financial future.

In the Industrial Age it is visible, you can see big factories with many workers, but in the Information Age you can't see it, "it is invisible!", you can only see it in your mind. "People in Information Age making money, lots and lots of money, more money and better lifestyle than the people from the Industrial Age", "i know Bill Gates did". That is why the network marketing industry will continune to grow, even though the old world thinkers fail to see it growing.

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