Monday, November 17, 2008

Why I am not RICH yet?

Try answering this question.

Now, let’s see if your answer (reasons) is similar to those I’ve heard over the years when this question was posed to people. Most people tend to say these;

It is because..
1. ‘I have no money to make money’.
2. ‘I have no large capital to start a business’.
3. ‘I was born in a poor family’.
4. ‘I have no luck to be rich’.
5. ‘I don’t believe that everyone can be rich’.
6. ‘I need to support my family’ or too many children to take care’.
7. ‘I am too young or too old’.
8. ‘I’m not smart enough’ or ‘I am stupid’.
9. ‘I have no opportunities’.
10. ‘I’m not ready yet’ or ‘I’m physically not fit’.
11. ‘I think I can’t be rich in my lifetime’.
12. ‘I lack of knowledge and experiences’.
13. ‘I have no-one support’ or ‘my spouse not supporting me’.
14. ‘I’ve no time, too busy’.
15. ‘I have no idea and resources’ or ‘I am afraid of taking risk’.
16. ‘I will wait for the right time, now the economy is bad’.

Do any of the reasons shown here match the ones you have given? Your mentally ability to become rich depends very much on your thoughts (the right answers).

Every time I do this questionnaire with people, I have discovered that because the reasons people gives are very much reflection of whether that person have the Winner’s mindset or the Victim’s mindset. Therefore, in order to be rich, you must adopt the Winner’s mindset. Winners take 100% Responsibility for the result in Their Life. They take ownership over their wealth. They believe that they alone create their wealth through their strategies and actions. As result, they know that they have the power to change their wealth by changing their strategies and actions. It is only when you live by this habit you will have the power to exponentially multiply your income and your wealth creation.

Let me ask you this question, ‘Do you want to be rich?’, you may answer me, ‘of course I want!’.

Let me ask you the next question, ‘Are you 100% committed to be rich?’. You see, there is a very big difference between wanting to become a millionaire and being 100% committed to becoming a millionaire. Being committed and believing that when you are willing to do whatever it takes to get something, you will ALWAYS find a way. And if you cannot find a way, you will make a way.

Winner knows that doing so will be futile since they can’t change these external factors. Instead, they take full responsibility for the fact they will improve and try even harder to meet their goal. By taking responsibility for your results, you give yourself the power to change it!

The moment you acknowledge that you create your own fortune, you will find that you can make money at any age, with any background, with little or no money and in any kind of economy. It means that you have given yourself the power, the approval to start becoming Rich!

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