Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Powerful Law of Universal

“Your brain cannot distinguish between a well-formed idea and reality. Dreams can seem real, actors on the movie screen can fool you into believing you are watching reality but your brain is more powerful than any movie,” said my rich friend, in between bites on his lobster as we sat in the gourmet restaurant overlooking the beautiful sight of the sunset sea in Singapore.

When you formulate a quality idea and commit to its transformation into reality, this creates a vaccum that suck (or attract) all the supports that needed for your idea. And because the thought does not actually have physical form nature sets about balancing itself by turning your ideas into concrete reality, it’s just following its own immutable laws.

If you forget the idea (keeps changing your idea), if your thoughts are un-clear and if you do not commit to your idea then in nature law nothing is happening. And if you continue to have the same or improved idea, clear thoughts and well formed, then nature will turn your ideas into reality for you. Of course, you have to participate in its creation by keeping the idea well formed and supervising its creation.Every idea needs resources to bring it into reality. You can either pay for those resources and this is costly indeed or you can have nature, the Universe provide them for you. Those coincidences that you have experience now and then is called Universal Convergence.

In other words, all the power of Universe converges on your ideas and your thoughts and creates the opportunities, resources, the people and situations for the ideas to become reality for you. If you really stay alert to the possibilities, you will notice these coincidences, it creates opportunities for you to act on them. Many people don’t notice these coincidences, they are too busy with other important matters, and not noticing the resources the Universe is providing for them.

Big ideas take quite some time to manifest and the Universe bring together all the pieces of puzzle that will become your idea. People, resources, experiences, learning, all of these are vital for your ideas. You may not have the experience or skills necessary to cope with the idea, the Universe will set about educating you first.

The Universe in not hampered by time and so it goes about its work as quickly as is can, which is sometimes for too slow for those of us who don’t notice the subtle things, the small coincidences, the little doors that opened the paths that are made for us to get us in the right direction.Recently i came across this video that I think you’ll enjoy. It offers advice on how to attract wealth by using the “secret law of attraction.”

When You Feel Good... Good Things Are Attracted To You. Sounds simple, huh?

Here is the manifestation process.
The first thing that happens in the process is that you have to ask for what you want. You're actually doing this all of the time without realizing it.

When you open up a letter with a bill, and when you feel miserable about having another bill, you're actually asking for "more money". Cool, huh?

So you don't actually have to ask for anything specific. You've already done it, without you probably knowing about it.

Next, the universe will answer your request. The universe (or you could call it the Law of Attraction) will begin to match you up with what you've been asking for. It begins to set into motion new experiences for you relating to what you've just asked for. So if you're asking for more money, the Universe is lining it up for you in a future experience.
Obviously, this isn't your work! In fact you haven't had to do anything so far, as asking is automatic and so is the Universe's job of answering.

If you wanted more money but you feel disappointed that you've only got a paycheck of $2,000 this month then that is an example of you not being in alignment with the desire of "I want more money".

Now, there's two ways of achieving alignment.
The first way to achieve alignment is to pretend that you already have what you want. When you pretend you already have something, what you're doing is feeling as if you have already achieved the desire. That's when this visualization stuff comes into it... You can see yourself in possession of what you want and feel it as if it's already here.

The second way of becoming aligned is by feeling good. Think about it this way... when you feel good about anything, what are you in alignment with?
Would you feel good when you have more money? Mmmm... Yes!
Would you feel good when you have that new relationship? You bet!
When you feel good you're in alignment with everything that you consider to be good.

You're already manifesting stuff all day, every single day. So in order for you to begin manifesting stuff that you do want, you have to become deliberate about what you feel. You can't feel miserable and manifest a million dollars.

In fact you can't feel miserable and manifest much of anything that you want. Bad moods will usually escalate the amount of negative circumstances that are attracted to you.

And guess what?..."in the last two weeks i have had a Surprise Injections Of Real Cash in my ATM machine", its real!, i did it! so can everyone.

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