Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take Control of Your Life

Everyone is talking about what a difficult time it is now – the economy is failing, jobs are unsecure and incomes are affected. When you hear about this news, are you the ones that think “Why am I in this predicament?” or are you the ones that say “What can I do about it?”
and that will be the determining factor if you are to fail with the rest or succeed like a selected few.

Those who fail will:
2)Do nothing about it.
3)Complain even more
4)Hide and ride it out.

Those who are different will:
1)Keep abreast with the news but not be pulled down by it
2)Be cautious but take advantage of opportunities
3)Knowledge is King. Read and learn more to improve self.
4)Seek alternative means

So you can either be in the first category or join the rest of us who seek alternatives. Everyone has 24 hours a day, so why not choose to invest your time, knowledge and effort into something that will give you returns (money & time) for the rest of your life?!!

As the old says; "you seek it in the good times and seek more so in the bad times". You take control of your life, you decide your life, not other people. So take charge of your life and believe in yourself.

This MTV is one of my old time favorites (old school songs). Its my "life's inspirational tune", hope you like it too, enjoy!

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