Friday, September 02, 2011

Goji Berries: The Best Anti-Aging Wonder Food

Can Goji Berries Make You Younger?

The goji berry is a Chinese berry that has been getting attention worldwide as an anti aging wonder. Goji berries (also called wolfberries or lycium barbarum) are used in a wide variety of traditional Chinese medicine preparations since 5000 years ago in China. Goji berries have high levels of antioxidants, making them a popular superfruit, and opening the potential of health and anti aging benefits. Like most fruit, it contain a wide variety of healthy vitamins and minerals. You’ll see goji berries added to everything from chocolate bars, coffee mix, cakes & breads to energy drinks. There are 80 types of goji berries, the best goji berries is from Zhongning, Ningxia, China.

Goji berries are known to be a rich source of several vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids and also have a high concentration of these, thus, they are known to be one of the best-known nutritional food source. Goji berries have several benefits and have very powerful effects against diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, cancer and the like. The benefits of Goji berries are however, not restricted to this and are known to have very powerful anti-aging properties. Due to it gaining popularity as an anti-aging wonder, Goji berries have found an important place for themselves in Hollywood.
The property of the Goji berries having powers to provide a long life and this is evident from the case of Li Qing Yuen who went on to live till the age of 252. In his life of 252 years, he got married 14 times. He gave a lecture at the prestigious University of Beijing at the age of 200. He is reported to have had Goji berries on a daily basis. A study mentioned in the book “Goji: The Himalayan Health Secret” by Dr. Mindell has shown the results of a test conducted on several elderly people. It showed that out of the total number of people 67% of them who had Goji berries on a daily basis for 3 whole weeks were reported to have a good boost in their immunity levels. The general energy levels and the attitude of people saw a drastic change for the better. Out of the total number of people 95% reported an improvement in appetite and better sleep.
Goji berries have the highest antioxidant content on the Earth. It has an Orac (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) rating of 18500 (it is a standard used by the US Department of Agriculture for measuring total antioxidant capacity). This is much higher than what is seen in fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants have anti-aging properties and help in improving your overall immunity so that the body can fight against diseases.

Superoxide is a free radical known to further the agining process. The effect of this free radical is nullified by the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD). With age, the body produces less of these antioxidants. The consumption of Goji berries is seen to have increased the antioxidants created by our body. Several studies especially that by Dr. Richard Cutler, a biophysicist working at the National Institute of Aging showed that the life of a man depended on and was directly proportional to the quantity of SOD present in the cells. The animals reported to have the longest life span were found to have the maximum amount of SOD. SOD works as an anti-oxidant providing protection to the cells against radiation and pollution. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and prevents any damage to the cells as a result of a heart attack.

Goji berries contain polysaccharides that are immune boosters and also have tremendous anti-aging properties.
Now you can get it at any supermarket or health stores nearby your area, at very affordable price with a great health benefits. I have mine in a coffee mixture, the taste is great! and feeling great too!

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