Thursday, February 23, 2012

6 Body Signs of Wealth Luck

What Are the 6 Signs From Your Body That Tells You About Your Wealth Luck

Did you know that you are able to foretell your financial status from the signs your body gives away? By knowing the signs,you will be able to know when you can afford to take more financial risks and when to be more conservative. You can take the information you learn here and use it immediately.

By the time you finish this article,you will have armed yourself against any potential financial problem. Many people make wrong financial decisions because they are trying their luck. You won't have to try your luck after learning this.

The very first sign that you might be losing money comes from your mouth. While you are eating or drinking, if the food is accidentally dropped from your mouth. This is a sign that you might "drop" money within the next 7 to 21 days. However,if you have a double-chin, you will be able to make back the money you lost.

Of course, you can't apply this to a person suffering from a stroke. If you keep dropping your food and water, it may mean that an impending stroke is on its way. In this case,you should quickly seek medical help. Before my granny had a stroke,this was a sign. Anyway, I have went a little off tangent. Let us go back to the main topic...

The second sign is hair coming out from your nostrils. This is very important, If there is hair coming out of your nostrils, it signifies that you will potentially lose money within 7 days. Always check your nostrils hair is well trimmed, cut off all unwanted nostril hair, long nostril hair will look very unpleasant and untidy.

The third sign comes from the area between your nose and mouth. Any ache or blackhead in that area is detrimental to your financial well being. If you have a mole in that area, it means that during your entire life, you are plagued with financial problems. You should remove the mole as soon as possible.

The same applies to your nose. Do remove any moles, blackheads or acne on your nose. For males, their noses represent their wealth luck. For females, their noses represents the wealth luck of their husband. Ladies, if you have any acne or blackhead on your nose, do warn your husband not to take any financial risks, for it is a sign that they might be losing money.

Fourth sign: You keep blinking your eyes for no reason. Blinking eyes is a sign of losing money.Take a look at people who love to habitually blink their eyes, you will discover that their financial luck is always down. If you don't have the habit of blinking your eyes, but suddenly keep blinking your eyes, you should look out for your finances.

Five: Your legs. In olden days young chinese kids are not allow shaking their leg while having their meal or waiting for someone or even relaxing, a signs of bad habit too. Shaking your legs is a sign of losing money. When the branches of a tree are shaken, leaves fall off. The same principle applies. When your legs shake, you are in fact shaking your wealth and money off. So do remember not to keep shaking your legs. If it is still a habit for you, then you probally try to remove this habit the soonest possible. If you don't have this habit of shaking your legs, yet on certain days, you shake your legs for no reason, this is also a sign of losing wealth and money within 1 to 7 days.

The very last sign is the color of your face. A lot of us are mistaken that when your face is red, it is a good sign. That is actually quite wrong. A red face actually means that your wealth luck is down and also your body might be too hot. If your face happens to be red when you wake up in the morning, do quickly drink herbal tea and avoid spicy, fried and barbecued food. This must be the reasons your body is too hot, you might suffer from sore throat or headaches. And also  to prevent your wealth luck from being down. Good wealth luck face colour is Yellow. If you face is mild yellow, it means that your wealth luck is very good. You might be making a lot of money and you are financially sound good. In this case, you might be able to take that financial risks because there is a high chance that you might get high returns.

I hope these tips will be very helpfull to you. You don't have to believe it but you need to know these and to notice it.

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